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A vector in Euclidean geometry is an object that has magnitude (length) and direction, and can be added to other vectors according to vector algebra. A vector is what is needed to "carry" the point A to the point B; the Latin word vector means "carrier". The magnitude of the vector is the distance between the two points and the direction refers to the direction of displacement from A to B.

Bins in Two Dimensions
  1. Shows the vector in standard form
  2. Finds the vector given by its magnitude and angle
  3. Finds the addition of two or more vectors
  4. Finds the resultant vector of vectors affecting the same point
  5. Finds the angle between two vectors
  6. Finds the dot product of two vectors
  7. Finds the projection of one vector onto another vector
  8. Finds the triangle given by the end points of three vectors
Bins in Three Dimensions
  1. Finds the cross product of two vectors