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Welcome to MathBin, the home of interactive mathematics! I use the term bin for a page that performs a mathematical function. Currently there are two types of interactive bins:

  1. Bins powered by JavaScript. These bins run in the browser.
  2. Bins powered by Wolfram Mathematica. These bins require you to download its associated CDF file.

The bins powered by Mathematica are very powerful. They can solve Calculus problems involving derivation and integration. They can use symbolic math to provide precise numbers such as π and e. And they can display 3D graphs. But there are two major drawbacks. Because most browsers no longer allow plugins, you need to download the CDF file before you can play it. The second drawback is that CDF files do not allow you to enter free-form expressions such as functions. Sigh.

Note: In order to play a CDF file, you need to download and install Wolfram Player for Windows, Mac, or Linux. There is even a version for iOS.

Michael Benson
May 15, 2020

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